Delaware State Treasurer

Welcome to Tomorrow's Money

Would you consider yourself "financially literate?" Do you feel confident about managing your personal finances and your ability to make your financial goals a reality? Learning how to save, invest and plan for the future is the key to enjoying financial peace of mind in the future.

My office has worked with the NAST Foundation to develop some resources specifically for Delaware residents. The Foundation's suite of sites under and offer a wealth of basic personal finance information, tools and resources to help you. Click on one of the links to the right to begin, or click here to learn more about how to address personal finance challenges and opportunities facing others just like you. Please come back often to see what is new on the site. Please use the Delaware feedback section to tell us what other information would be helpful. Congratulations and good luck as you begin taking charge of your finances!

Chip Flowers
Delaware State Treasurer

National Association of State Treasurers Foundation

The National Association of State Treasurers Foundation is an organization devoted to improving the understanding of public finance. The Foundation supports a wide range of initiatives from conducting professional development for state treasurers and their staffs to educating citizens about sound personal financial management.